Day Lapis

The living room composition Lapis represents a modern furnishing system that pays attention to market trends and to the needs of the entire family. A living room waiting to be discovered, with its delicate frontal engravings which add sinuosity and movement to the entire structure. This composition fully exploits spaces and is therefore ideal for a wide and remarkable living room.

Versions of the model

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  • Lapis LP01

    The Lapis LP01 living area furniture is a big white ash wood modular composition. The dove-grey fronts, decorated with asymmetrical scratches, and glass inserts give modernity to the whole structure and create a natural and relaxing movement. Open spaces to expose decorative elements or to be used as a showcase, to exhibit accessories or to use according to your own style.

  • Lapis LP02

    Lapis – LP02 is the modern living room, characterized by movements and contrasts. Doors decorated with pencil marks; this composition alternates symmetries and asymmetries, lines and curves. A composition to be discovered. The horizontal scratches integrate with the vertical ones, creating movements and contrasts, and highlighting these marks that result in a natural harmony. Lacquered doors with asymmetrical glass inserts that integrate perfectly with the other graphic marks.

  • Lapis LP03

    The modular white ash wood living room wall unit Lapis – LP03 has customizable dimensions. It boasts a wide base unit with curved and decorated fronts, showcases and a big bookcase, in order to use any space as well as possible. The total-white composition is contained inside a modular context that alternates closed elements, glass doors and open modules. Fronts decorated with scratches, glass inserts and visible modules to use as bookcase or to contain precious items and a very spacious curved base.

  • Lapis LP04

    Lapis – LP04 is the living room wall unit characterized by containers decorated with pencil scratches that alternate symmetries, asymmetries and lines. The total-white composition is contained inside a modular context that combines closed elements and open modules. Fronts are decorated with scratches and glass inserts, open spaces are used as bookcase or to contain accessories, according with your own taste. The wide curved base is a further alternative to fully exploit spaces.

  • Lapis LX01

    Lapis – LX01 is a modern living room, characterized by a peculiar style, made of movements and contrasts. Cabinet doors are decorated with pencil marks and characterized by a composition that alternates symmetries and asymmetries, lines and curves. The modern structure creates contrasts between the different lines, the curved and flat cabinets, the horizontal line of some scratches and the vertical of others. Lacquered doors with asymmetrical glass inserts that perfectly combine with the other graphic marks.

  • Lapis LX03

    A modern living room wall unit with modular white ash wood structure and showcases: this is Lapis – LX03. The decorated fronts or the column module cut by the intersection of a shelf, make it elegant and original at the same time. Total-white living room furniture characterized by storage elements decorated with pencil scratches that alternate symmetries and asymmetries, lines and curves. Storage base unit, column with air force blue shelf insert, bookcase, showcase and open cabinets.

  • Lapis LX05

    Lapis – LX05 is a storage wall unit for the living room with cabinets and ground storing base. This modular composition is in white and air force blue colours. White cabinets decorated with creative graphic marks that highlight the originality and the natural harmony. The difference in colour between the air force blue open cabinets and the big central showcase with reflex glass provides elegance and refinement. Creative design and functional storage modules to furnish according to your own needs.

  • Lapis LX06

    A design modular wall unit, Lapis – LX06 is conceived for big spaces. It is characterized by white lacquered cabinets with decorated fronts, dove-grey shelves, big showcases and base with curved fronts. This modern modular wall unit is perfect for big spaces; it is designed for your storage needs and can enrich your home with style. Suspended modules, showcases and white doors decorated with engravings and glass inserts make it elegant and sophisticated, for a unique and enviable living room.

  • Lapis LX07

    Lapis – LX07 is a modern and voluminous living room solution, customizable according to your spaces and needs. Showcase cabinets, fronts with particular patterns on the whole composition. Perfect to furnish big spaces; this Lapis version is particularly symmetric and elegant. A wide capacious base with basket door, a showcase cabinet and white cabinets that link together in a sinuous manner. The central open shelf is designed to make this wall unit unique and lively.

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