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Prestige is the neoclassical night space where classic and more current features coexist offering a touch of originality to the whole composition. The flowery inserts and Swarovski elements, typical of this line, give a romantic and refined touch to this environment to be fully experienced. Curved lines that counterpose straight lines, for a surprising night space.

Versions of the model

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  • c21

    Prestige C21 is a natural and classic style composition for the night area. The curved line mirror wardrobe and the flowery inserts give brightness and elegance to the environment. The traditional dresser extends the originality of this curvy room and creates a really unique structure. The wardrobe handles provide a touch of linearity. The eco-leather fan-shaped bed makes Prestige C21 a classic yet original proposal.

  • c27

    The furnishing composition of Prestige C27 is characterized by a classic but not so much traditional style. The curved structure of the night tables and dresser with its perfect symmetries is also found in the eco-leather bed and is softened by the firmer lines of the wardrobe. The mix of straight and curved lines gives originality to the whole environment, while the wardrobe big mirror gives much brightness.

  • c29

    The version Prestige C29 is a total white neoclassical composition. The flowery inserts of this line give a touch of sophistication to the bedroom. The dresser and night tables curves create a particularly natural aesthetic movement on the headboard too. The result is an original classic and up-to-date environment. As in the other Prestige models, the Swarovski elements play a big role in this version too.

  • c30

    Neoclassical elegance with refined liberty and Swarovski inserts: this is the Prestige C30 style. Soft curves embellished by flowery decorations for a unique refinement. The ash wood wardrobe with sliding doors gives a touch of elegance and romanticism to the whole environment, thanks to the patterned glass and the central decoration. This bedroom perfectly combines the traditional and modern style, for an original and creative environment.

  • c31

    The Prestige C31 composition is an elegant and traditional proposal. The curved structure that characterizes the dresser, night tables and the eco-leather bed is softened by the wardrobe firmer lines. This combination is balanced by the total white and the flowery inserts of the structure, that give refinement to a classic environment.

  • c35

    Prestige C35 is a total white furniture for the night area. Thanks to the asymmetrical eco-leather fan-shaped bed and the flowery inserts of the wardrobe, the dresser and the night tables, this version enhances the elegance and hospitality of the environment. The asymmetrical curved mirror of the wardrobe gives brightness to the room. The peculiarity of this composition lies on the little fabric roses with a central Swarovski element, which not only give the room elegance and uniqueness but also brilliance and naturalness.

  • c36

    The Prestige C36 is a classic furniture with a unique style for your bedroom. The ivory lacquered wardrobe and the dresser with flowery decoration give the room elegance and sophistication. The ivory eco-leather fan-shaped bed, with Swarovski elements inserted regularly, creates a refined and distinguished environment. A room that never disappoints your expectations.

  • c40

    Prestige C40 is characterized by a classic and romantic style. The ivory lacquered wardrobe with its flowery decorations gives the room a touch of elegance, creating a perfect combination with the dresser and night table decoration. The mirror of the two side doors gives brightness to a tenuous-coloured room. All the pieces of furniture are ivory lacquered, in order to maintain the harmony of the composition.

  • c41

    Prestige C41 is a white ash wood furniture, with bronze mirrors. This is an unexpected composition: the white ash wood dresser and the night tables with their squared pattern give the whole space a particular touch of elegance and refinement, while the eco-leather white bed enhances class, also thanks to the Swarovski inserts. Finally, the wardrobe with its big mirror and the flowery insert perfectly combines for a romantic and always original bedroom.

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